Tuesday, 20 June 2017

    1. You're Going to Disagree with and Feel Guilty About, at Least Someone, or Something in The Lead up to Your Wedding

This one is unfortunate but unavoidable. Not everyone is going to have the same views and values as you and some people will make these known. It would be nice if it was always “Oh Karen I love this!” or “You two are so smart” or “You guys are awesome!” Because hey, who wouldn’t love hearing amazing feedback all the time! But unfortunately this is not always the case. Most likely it will be “Why are you doing this?” “You have to invite…” and “You can’t do that!” Trying to make everyone happy, will end up stressing you and your partner and by listening to one person, you will most likely offend someone else and you end up in a viscous, never ending, hair pulling cycle! At the end of the day, the most important people are the two of you. If you are both happy everyone will come around and will be happy for you. Make a list of what’s really important to you and stick to it. The day is a celebration of your love, so let it show! Which leads us into…

    2. Splurge on the Important Things

Sit down with your fiancé and make a list of things that are important to you. Music, Venue, flowers, alcohol etc. This will help with the booking process of things and to help stay within your budget. If you really want a big gold swan statue at your wedding and nothing else would make you happy, then make sure that is on your list. (We would advise against this, but hey who are we to judge!) 

    3. Research Your Vendors

We have heard so many horror stories from past brides about bad vendors. Photographers who never showed up, cakes that never got made and flowers that never got delivered. Sometimes going for the cheaper option isn’t always the right option. It would be great if we could get a Kardashian wedding on a poor man’s budget, but unfortunately if you want that big fancy wedding you need the coin to back it up. The times we were told “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” comes into play when planning your wedding. If Bobs budget photos is offering Annie Leibovitz quality photographs for a fraction of the price, our advice to you would be to go as far away from Bob as you can (sorry Bob nothing personal) and find something a little more believable. Always look at past weddings, reviews, social media and google when looking at a supplier. It’s also advisable to have an in person meeting with them before booking and paying any money.

    4. Have an on the Day Coordinator

You may think this is not important but trust us; you don’t want to have to worry about the how the day will run on the day of your wedding. You want to sit back and relax and enjoy the day. Let your crazy uncle Bob (again nothing personal Bob) be the worry of someone else. If your photos are taking longer than expected because you’re getting amazing photos, let your coordinator worry about the logistics. You just sit back and enjoy being king and queen for a day. 

    5. If You’ve Never Met Someone or Haven’t Spoken in a Really Long Time, Should They be Coming to Your Wedding?

This one is always a touchy subject and everyone will have a difference of opinion. Hello again point number 1! But as most couples pay for their weddings themselves these days, money is usually tight. Our favourite saying is “you shouldn’t be introduced to anyone at your wedding” If you’ve never met someone should they really be invited? Again there will be a difference of opinion, and some people love plus ones and want everyone to be there and this is ok also. However if you are money conscious we say to say goodbye to plus ones. Do you really need that guy from down the street who’s a friend of your mothers and a great bloke to be at your wedding? Better to have a close and intimate wedding that doesn’t blow the budget then spending all your hard earned money on giving people you don’t know a great night out. 

    6. It’s OK to Ask Questions. You’re Not Expected to Know Everything

So many couples apologize for asking questions. It’s ok not to be the Albert Einstein of weddings! You’re allowed to ask questions. Your vendors are here to help and provide a service for you. You may think you’re being annoying or difficult, but trust us, asking a quick question now, is a lot better than something not going the way you wanted because you were too afraid to ask. Ask everything you want clarity on. Knowledge is power at the end of the day and going into your wedding stress free (well, as much as we can take off of you) is better than having a million things running through your mind with what ifs. 

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