Scottish Love in Australia

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Photos courtesy of Janis House Photography

It’s a rare occasion that we’re left speechless at Baxter Barn, but the captivating wedding between Louise and Belinda did just that! With Louise from Scotland and Belinda from Australia, they began their journey by flying over to Scotland to do their legal ceremony in front of Louise’s family, before flying back and having a big wedding with their friends and family here in Australia.

    1. You're Going to Disagree with and Feel Guilty About, at Least Someone, or Something in The Lead up to Your Wedding

This one is unfortunate but unavoidable. Not everyone is going to have the same views and values as you and some people will make these known. It would be nice if it was always “Oh Karen I love this!” or “You two are so smart” or “You guys are awesome!” Because hey, who wouldn’t love hearing amazing feedback all the time! But unfortunately this is not always the case. Most likely it will be “Why are you doing this?” “You have to invite…” and “You can’t do that!” Trying to make everyone happy, will end up stressing you and your partner and by listening to one person, you will most likely offend someone else and you end up in a viscous, never ending, hair pulling cycle! At the end of the day, the most important people are the two of you. If you are both happy everyone will come around and will be happy for you. Make a list of what’s really important to you and stick to it. The day is a celebration of your love, so let it show! Which leads us into…

Cathy and Warren’s feast at the barn

Monday, 19 June 2017

Photo courtesy of Jessica Prince Photography

Cathy and Warren had an epic 170 guests at their wedding on 11th March 2017. The couple began the day at the barn with a first look and no dry eyes were in sight when Warren saw Cathy for the first time. Then, with their bridal party in tow, they roamed the property for photos. Cathy and Warren wanted to enjoy every minute of their wedding with their family and friends, so decided to do the photos before the ceremony.

Photos courtesy of Christian Marc Photography

The wedding of Teegan and Mahatia was just beautiful. The same sex couple held their wedding at Baxter Barn on 2nd December 2016 and showed that if you’re in love, that’s all that matters.

Their wedding was the perfect balance of rustic and boho, turning the grounds into a flower wonderland (even more so then what it already is!) and pairing it perfectly with dresses from Grace loves Lace. They held their love filled ceremony in our gardens with an Aboriginal smoking ceremony to cleanse, ward off any bad spirits, acknowledge ancestors and pay respect to the land and sea of country.  The girls bought a tear to everyone’s eye as they declared their love for each other.

ABIA Awards Night

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Baxter Barn had the privilege of being invited to the 19th ABIA Awards night for Victoria. We were nominated for Reception Venue, Ceremony Location and Function Coordinator. With an overall bridal rating of 99.47%, we were runner up for Ceremony Location, a finalist for Function Coordinator with a bridal rating of 99.81% and a finalist for Reception Venue with a bridal rating of 99.56%.

abia cv abia fc abia rc

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